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Model Lauren Deckert
Model Lauren Deckert

About TMM

The Model Mentor is the culmination of my life’s work. Before becoming a model and a certified health coach, I always knew that I wanted to work with others and help people, especially women.


As a model, you spend a lot of time backstage in closet-sized dressing rooms in between showroom bookings and runway shows. I am the model who brings healthy snacks and feeds the models backstage. I am the model who offers nutritional advice, provides a listening ear, and shares recipes, and yes I am also that model who practices The Model Mentor Method in between fittings, guides a meditation session and says a prayer before we all walk out into the spotlight.

My approach is simple…If I know that an aspiring model has potential to excel in a certain market, I consult him or her for 3-6 months working on his or her development and introduce him or her with the appropriate agency. I usually consult models every other week over FaceTime and phone sessions. I introduce the model to agencies and bookers as well as to potential clients. Unlike a mother agent, who stays attached to a model for life, taking a percent of all his or her future bookings, I am here to help guide and launch a model making sure his or her submissions don’t get lost in the shuffle in a sea of beautiful models on the new faces division desk.

If you aren’t a model or don’t wish to be a model don't worry I have tailor-made sessions for you too. I offer coaching programs where I work with women through all seasons of their lives. The Model Mentor Motto, Through Movement We Find Health. The Model Mentor Method is more than a coaching practice, it is a way of life. If you're ready to frequency up, please click on my booking section to see the unique individualized services I provide.

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