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"I first started working with Lauren about a year ago. I had never really thought about being a model, but one of my dance teachers thought I had what it took to become one. He put me in contact with Lauren and her Model Mentor program. Through Lauren, I learned how to walk, how to pose, how to stand and the importance of self care. She also taught me the importance of reading a contract, how to present yourself to a potential agency, what to wear on an interview and basically what to expect as a model trying to break into an industry that can be scary if you don’t know what to expect. In a year’s time, I have been picked up by 3 different agencies in New York and in Florida. I continue to call on Lauren for help and advice and I am looking forward to her next Model Master Classes so I can continue to improve and hone my skills. It has been very challenging trying to break into the modeling industry during a pandemic, but I am confident that I will be ready when markets start to open. Lauren is an amazing role model. She not only talk the talk, but walks the walk as she is not just a teacher.. but she is a working model, health coach, wife and mom who brings all of those skills into her honest love and care for the models that she works with. I know if I have any questions or concerns, Lauren is right there for me, and has provided answers to even the simplest questions, with the same care and consideration that she brings to her classes. With Lauren as my mentor, I know I will be successful not only in the modeling industry, but in ANY field I choose to pursue. Her classes are not just about modeling, but they are about life."

-- Hannah



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