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What Happened When I Quit Coffee and Caffeine

I was first introduced to coffee when I was sixteen on a trip to Italy with my Grandmother to see our relatives. I loved how I could go to a cafe and sip an espresso while reading vogue. I felt so sophisticated. This was when I was introduced to my first cigarette too. Thankfully, I didn’t keep up with that habit. At seventeen, I left for college and began modeling and traveling the world. I loved having Starbucks in the morning. I used to drink a Carmel macchiato with skim milk before I went plantbased. I would hold my coffee cup as if it was a fashion accessory between castings or on the way to class. Then I discovered the nespresso machine and it’s frother. I enjoyed having an almond milk latte with 1-2 shots of espresso in it morning.


As healthy as I am and as mindful as I am as a holistic health coach and a plant based being, the thought of ‘needing’ a coffee with my jolt of caffeine in the morning began to bother me. Coffee became a habit, then an addiction. I dropped coffee in the past, when breastfeeding my son as I he had silent reflux so I have to take all caffeine and certain foods out of my diet. Once I finished breastfeeding, I started on my coffee routine again.


Just like drugs, caffeine alters the chemistry of your brain if you take it in regularly over time as I did. You can become dependent on it, too, and need more and more after a while just to feel the effects.


I have warm water with lemon when i wake up. I take my vitamins, I would have my latte about 45-1 hour later depending on when I exercised. I also would have my green juice after exercising late in the morning.


What happened when I removed my morning latte which contained 2 short shots and almond milk? The first 2 days were easy. I was like wow! I can do this. But by the 3rd day my body starting realizing it didn’t have its morning jolt of caffeine. The withdraw effects were unpleasant and included




Brain fog

An on edge feeling

Trouble concentrating

Thankfully the symptoms only lasted 4 days. I’m now 11 days without caffeine, coffee, or sweets.