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Dear Younger-Self,

A majority of my clients are teenagers. Young women who are chasing their dreams and taking action. I’m blessed that many Moms to the teens I’m coaching become my clients as well, after they see the shifts that take place in their daughters life. One of the exercises I ask certain teens to do is write a letter to their future-self and then share it with me and or someone special to them. I love reading the letters. It really helps me understand where their head and heart is now. An assignment I ask my adult clients to do is write a letter to their younger self. I’m Sharing some of my letter to my younger self on my website, because I have been where so many young girls are right now. We are all sooooo hard on ourselves.

Dear Younger Self,

You were born with many talents. Don’t be afraid to share them with the others, even if you feel different and don’t fit in. You’re going to see the world. When you leave home remember to take what’s important with you: an open heart, graciousness, a desire to learn, kindness, & fire in your soul. Never forget where you came from: from Love!

The boy taking up rent in your head & heart right now will probably not matter 10 years or even 5 years from now so don’t miss out on an experience or job opportunity because of someone’s desire to hold you back because of their own insecurity.

The journey will often feel like a real struggle, but you will become a wise warrior woman because of it. It’s wonderful to be outwardly beautiful but true beauty comes from within & that type of beauty is timeless.

Spend time giving to those who can’t do anything for you & truly need assistance. You can’t bank sleep. Sleep as much as you can because there is no such thing as catching up.

You will be surrounded by & work with the most affluent & successful people in the world, but few of them will have true Class. Class is not something that can be bought. You either have it or you don’t. A Chanel handbag or a boyfriend who gives you money doesn’t bring you wealth, but if it makes you feel happy then go with it & don’t judge yourself after.

The people telling you that you can’t achieve your dreams, are the ones who failed and gave up themselves. Drink more water, eat plants, & move! How people treat you usually has everything to do

with them and nothing to do with you.

You have no one to blame but yourself for every mistake you may make. Embrace it, learn from it, and move on. People will be cruel and say mean things, usually they are wounded and just need love.When you’re looking for inspiration connect with nature or spend time with children. Walk away from verbally & physically abusive relationships. You can’t save people, but you can save yourself! Pray everyday. Forgive.

Sometimes People will look at you and be quick to judge assuming you never had to work hard. Never mind them & what they think, they have no idea what struggles you have endured & it’s best they don’t know. Call your parents and tell them you love them & know they did the best they could. People will ask you if you are successful, Remember you define your own success & don’t need validation from colleagues, a tear-sheet, or social media.

You are a child of God and are connected to the universe and every soul you come across. Make peace with your past and know in your heart the journey, to live & die, never really ends. Lauren xo

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