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roleModel of the Week: ANGI FLETCHER


Angi Fletcher: Mom, Wife, Model, Athlete, Trainer, CEO, Investor, and so much more...

Height: 5'10




Edmonton, Alberta Canada.

Current Home:

Los Angeles, CA.

Obviously, you are more than a model. If asked your job title, what would you say and how would you describe yourself?

It's funny cause I've always struggled with this question of "title". I've been a model for 20 years but have made my living for the last 10 through acting and my athletic sponsorships. At this moment I would say I'm the CEO of my own company, a personal trainer, an investor, and a homemaker.

You are such a beautiful woman; tell us about your journey to becoming the person you are today?

Ha! That is a LONG keep it short, I believe adversity, depression and death have made me who I am today. I know that sounds weird to say but honestly growing through the death of my father when I was 11 and then leaving home on my 18th birthday to start modeling internationally (which may sound glamorous but it was quite the opposite with a huge learning curve of business, language and culture barriers as well as spending a lot of time alone, struggling with comparison and never feeling skinny enough, pretty enough or good enough). I got married at 19, moved to New York for 6 years and after giving birth to my son, moved to Los Angeles. Shortly after moving I separated from my husband and went spiraling into a dark hole of unhealthy choices and an extremely unhealthy lifestyle that landed me in the hospital more than once. Thanks to friends of mine who loved me unconditionally I was able to get off my therapists couch and onto a bike where my life started to change again completely. I started training for triathlon and along with the shift in social media was able to acquire sponsorships and finally quit smoking through training harder than how hard it was to quit. I overcame great fears for me including water and being alone. I competed at Worlds in Beijing and over a dozen other triathlons including the half Ironman distance in New Zealand, Olympic distances all over the world including Escape from Alcatraz and sprint distances. The last few years have consisted of me getting remarried to the love of my life and researching fitness and nutrition and changing my lifestyle entirely due to my mom's health (she battled cancer for 2 1/2 years before passing away 7 months ago)

Have you always led a healthy and active lifestyle? If not, what made you change. Was there a defining moment?

I grew up on white sugar and frozen meat and potatoes. I wasn't on any sports teams but spent most of my time babysitting, cleaning houses, and participating in drama and choir instead. I wouldn't necessarily say I was healthy or active (other than riding my bike and doing regular "kid" things). My defining moment of change like I said in my previous answer was after my divorce. Once I hit rock bottom and was smoking a pack of cigarettes a day along with anti depressants to try and get me through the day I somehow knew I had to change or I would die. But this wasn't without the help of my friends. I could not have done it on my own.

Tell us what you love most about being an athlete and a trainer?

I love that it gives me a strength that no one or nothing can take away from me. Training myself gives me a sense of purpose and has changed my brain more than any medication ever could. It makes me independent and healthy and full of life and energy and that is something that I have such a passion for passing on to my clients and followers on social media. Being an athlete allowed me to break through walls I never imagined possible. Walls I put up for myself like fear, depression, anxiety...things that paralyze us all in some way or another. My greatest love is watching women change through training their bodies and their minds because they go hand in hand.

You cannot change your body without transforming your mind and vice versa. It's amazing to see the power and strength and confidence it builds!

Your images on social media are stunning, how did you get into the modeling world?

I was "discovered" by the greatest agent in the world, Kelly Streit of Mode Models when I was 17 while singing in my church. He approached my mom and I after the service and asked if I would ever consider Modeling. I never had, and my mom, who was a protective single parent Mama bear wasn't keen on the idea to say the least. Over a few months we came to trust in Kelly and his vision and he sent me to live in Germany with one of his best models at the time and that started it all.

What is your work out routine, do you go to the gym?

We created a gym in our home that my husband and 13 year old son and I train in. It has a treadmill, a stationary bike, weights, a TRX, Bosu ball, trampoline, medicine balls, a skipping rope and every type of elastic band you can imagine ;) I work out every day in some way. Even being 8 months pregnant now I still move my body every day for at least 20 minutes. It is so imperative for me to move my body. It has been my experience that when I don't move, my body and brain go into a sort of hibernation mode of sadness and low energy. Working out increases blood flow and oxygen and releases a ton of endorphins helping boost brain function!

What motivates you?

Knowing that I am going to die motivates me. Knowing that I am only here for a short time and I want to live my best life not only for myself but for my family and everyone I am able to come in contact with. When I am healthy and strong I am able to help others. When I'm weak and depressed I feel like a victim and I don't want to help anyone.

Who are your role models/ name some women who inspire you?

I have many role models. My mother was the greatest role model to me. She was a single mother raising 4 children. She was a fighter every day of her life. She was a prayer warrior. My sisters @esthaz and (both mothers) inspire me with their strength and creativity and courage. My best friend @ehud26 inspires me through her ultimate selflessness and unconditional encouragement. My friend @jenfletchtri inspires me with her constant mind blowing strength, passion for recreating herself and bucket list goals. @ashley_conrad is the hardest working woman I have ever met and has inspired me to get up time and time again and keep growing. She has had my back for over a decade. @katehudson is the most positive ray of sunshine and changed my view entirely on moving my body and learning how to laugh.

Do you have any upcoming projects you are working on that you would like to tell us about?

Yes. I am working on an interactive website where women can contact me and I can bring them together with encouragement, support, workouts, nutrition and a community where we can lift each other up knowing we are not alone especially through divorce, depression and child rearing. I get so many emails a day that I can't possibly answer them all but honestly for most of them I could answer almost in the same manner because most of us struggle with the same things.

What are your favorite foods?

Right now my favorite foods are sauerkraut, avocado, eggs, green vegetables, garbanzo beans, beets, grapefruit, apples, almond butter, steak, lamb, coffee and butter. Probably random I know, but its my "must haves" in my fridge.

As a model, Mom, and businesswoman we know every day is different, describe your favorite day...?

My favorite day would be either on the beach with my family or hiking in the mountains, eating well, overcoming a challenge and laughing together.

As a model, Mom, and a Mentor, what advice do you have for new models starting in their career or for young women just starting out on a new endeavor?

To be honest the modeling industry has changed so dramatically since I started that I would recommend new models to search out a trustworthy agent (or someone like you, Lauren, who deals with this). In terms of starting out on a new endeavor I always say just start. Have a plan but stay flexible. If something doesn't work don't give up, keep trying and trying again. The only 2 things you can count on in life is change and death. So the more you can get used to that the less you will fear. Everyone has something totally unique to give to the world, something no one else can give.

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