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roleModel of the Week: Sharleen Ernster


Sharleen Ernster: Mother, Daughter,Lover, CEO, Creator, Founder, & Designer of HAH, Hot-As-Hell, and so much more...

You are such a beautiful & inspiring woman; tell us about your journey to becoming the Creator & Founder of HAH?

Thank you so much Lauren back at you!

It’s been quite a journey….I have wanted to launch my own Lingerie Brand since I was about 10 years old. I have always been passionate about fashion and in particular Lingerie & Swimwear which are a women’s most intimate purchases - celebrating her unique body. I studied Fashion Design & Merchandising at FIT in NYC and have worked for major brands most notably Victoria’s Secret for over 13 years and Guess?

Over decades creating sexy product I was always frustrated by the void of natural product that is still sexy. Styles without push up and padding and embellishment that are comfortable to live your life in.

After the birth of my 2 daughters I became passionate about reducing waste, creating comfortable but SEXY Lingerie and Swimwear and to utilize innovative techniques in production that reduce our footprint on the planet – that’s Hot-As-Hell!

Thus HAH….the 1st brand that celebrates sexy intimate apparel and swim that is good to the consumer, comfortable and thoughtful to the planet. I was inspired by my daughters, I wanted to set an example that they too can create something from nothing and I felt a great responsibility to them to take better care of the planet in the process – to mobilize the industry to care about the environment and the people that make products as well as their communities. Finally, I wanted my daughters to feel comfortable with their bodies and hopefully to begin to show beauty that isn’t always contorted to look like a certain body. I don’t judge this at all but I felt like HAH could set an example that you can celebrate your own special curves just as they are.

Instagram: we_are_hah

Hometown: Born and raised in Cuero Texas. Spent YEARS in NYC and now a native of Los Angeles CA

HAH is described as more than a brand but a lifestyle and a mov