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Eggplant Pasta or Pasta alla Norma #meatlessmonday

My favorite fall comfort food and my forever go to easy pasta dish is Eggplant rigatoni also known as Pasta alla Norma. I make this dish in fall once a week. It’s vegan, super delish, and satisfying. It’s the perfect #meatlessmonday dish. Even non-vegans will love it! The pasta is made from chickpeas so no one needs to worry about getting enough protein!! Lol  All ingredients are organic! PASTA:

• 1 box of Banza brand rigatoni • 1 jar red tomato sauce • 1 yellow onion • 1 eggplant • Nutritional yeast to taste  • Sea salt, red pepper flakes & oregano 

PROCESS: 1. Cook pasta by following instructions on box for 10 minutes 2. Heat up tomato sauce in separate pan 3. Sauté eggplant & onion together using 1 tbs of olive oil. 4. Once pasta is done cooking, drain pasta and mix with sauce in a large dish with eggplant & onion 5. Top off with nutritional yeast and sea salt and more red pepper flakes if you’re anything like me. Also if not serving right away. Put in a baking dish and put in oven for 10 min at 350F. Sometimes this makes it even more yummy. 

This serves 4 people easily, but depends on how much you choose to eat. Serve with a simple green salad. It makes a great leftover dish!

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