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#roleModel Rookie of the Month: Sammi Schneider


Height: 5’7”

Instagram: @simplysammifood

Hometown: Oceanside, NY

Age: 16

Agency/Agencies: Ohlsson, Star, Famous Faces

Tell us about your journey to becoming a model?

I have been into the performing arts my entire life, but never really thought about modeling until I saw a local store advertising that they needed models for their Instagram page. I did one photo shoot and absolutely fell in love at first shoot!

How has your experience working with Lauren as a Mentor and a seasoned model helped your personal modeling goals and experience?

Without Lauren, I would not be signed to the agencies I’m signed to now or even know how to pose in front of the camera. From mentoring me with runway walking to posing to introducing me to a plant based diet, to getting me to take her Model Me MasterClass in Miami, Lauren has done it all for me and I am so grateful for her!

You are in great shape, have you always led a healthy and active lifestyle? If not, what made you change. Was there a defining moment?

I have not always been in great shape since I did not do many sports when I was little, as I was so involved in singing and acting. My mom is a dietician so as I got older I realized how important it is to take care of your body, therefore I started working out more often. Lauren actually introduced me to the idea of a plant based diet, which absolutely changed my life. Since I had a full spinal fusion a few years ago, my exercise is very limited so I do Pilates around 4 days a week!

What does being a Model mean to you?

Being a model means you have free range behind the camera. When you’re shooting whether it be a handbag or an entire outfit, it gives you the ability to create art through different poses and expressions. It is my favorite thing to do in the world (besides Pilates and cooking!). The feeling I have looking at my pictures after a shoot is something that you can’t describe.

Tell us about your Instagram food blog and what inspired it?

When I started it, I did not know it but I had a very unhealthy relationship with food. I was in a big calorie deficit and wasn’t really sure what was going on or what my “why” was for creating the blog. As I put myself out there and made more friends on that platform, I realized that my relationship with food needed to be fixed as it really was not good. Girls like Lauren Deckert and Maddie Lymburner brought me the light at the end of the tunnel which was Veganism and living plant based/eating Whole Foods in abundance, and it absolutely changed me. My relationship with food will never be perfect as I do have some days where it’s not good, but this community is like no other. I know I can always talk to the girls who I’ve gotten close with because we are, or were all in the same boat. My food blog is like my baby!!

What is your work out routine, do you go to the gym?

I used to go to the gym a lot but since I had a full spinal fusion back in September of 2016, my exercise is very limited. I can’t do crunches, pushups, sit-ups or anything of that sort if I don’t want to get injured. So, I do Pilates about 4 days a week and some other workout classes here and there. My mom and I love going on walks and hikes as well!

What motivates you?

Honestly, my food blog motivates me. As I said before it’s like my baby, and the people who I look up to and get to talk to on a daily basis inspire me to inspire, create and keep going.

Who are your role models/ women who inspire you?

One of my role models is Maddie Lymburner as she was one of the girls who opened my eyes to Whole Foods and a plant based lifestyle. Her and her boyfriend travel the world while vlogging their experiences and amazing vegan food finds, and that’s what I want to do one day!

What are your favorite foods to eat?

My favorite foods to eat are oatmeal, all kinds of vegan food, blueberry-banana smoothies with raw vanilla protein, anything very dark chocolate and GoMacro protein bars!!

What’s your ultimate modeling goal?

My ultimate modeling goal is to be involved somehow with Calvin Klein. I’m wearing something Calvin Klein all of the time, and if I’m not then there’s something wrong. I’m obsessed!

As a new model, what advice do you have for other models who are just getting started?

Keep going! It takes so many no’s to get that one yes and someone is going to LOVE you!!!

Photography Creds: 1, 2, 3 & 5 by Moda Bambini Kids Photography, Moda Product, and Photos 4 & 6, Edward Gebel

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