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Why Every Model Needs Current Digitals

Digitals, which used to be known as Polaroids are an essential part of every model's book.

Whether you’re a new model who is looking for representation or an established one, good digitals can often get you direct-booked and land you more work.

Agency digitals used to be taken with a Polaroid camera, hence the name. Currently, “Polaroids” don’t need to come from a Polaroid camera. They're usually taken with a digital camera or even an iPhone.

Digitals show what a model looks like when he/she walks through the door. It’s important for photographers and casting directors to know what a model looks like before makeup, hair, lighting, and Photoshop alterations.

These photos can be used to submit for castings and go-sees (in addition to a current portfolio) or to apply to agencies.

How to Take Digitals

Digitals are meant to show a model in a natural state. Here are some tips on how to get started. Photos courtesy of Model Lindsey W (@lindseykweller) and Lauren D (@laurendeckert)

  • Do not wear makeup or style your hair with products. You want these photos to show how you look not overly done up. A little concealer and lip balm is fine.

  • The best time to take the photos is during the day in natural lighting. Try to find a white wall to shoot in front of with no plugs, cords, outlets or odd things to distract from you. Direct sunlight can be too harsh.

  • I suggest that models wear a black swimsuit. Girls/'women wear a 2 piece to show your stomach and curves. I think bikinis with a triangle top are best. I also recommend a second look with a tight tank top and black leggings or skinny jeans.

Please be sure to include a full-body front photo with a relaxed pose, a close up face photo, a three-quarter profile and a full profile shot. Some smiling and some serious others with hair pulled back and a few with hair down.

It's an industry requirement for all models to update their digitals every few months. If you are a model who is a maternity model I would even suggest updating your Digitals every other week as the body changes so quickly. Child models may have to update their Digitals as well more frequently due to growth spurts.

These tips will help you get started. For additional info on how to take proper digitals and videos, go to book online now to schedule a complimentary consult.

Thanks to @lindseykweller for sharing your digitals

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