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Get the Glow! Look better naked... How to achieve the perfect spray tan...

I rarely go in the sun, at least not until later in the day. So when I have an important booking from a runway show to a photo shoot I get a spray tan.

The best way to achieve a celebrity spray tan that looks like all the Dancing With The Stars celebs or the Victoria Secret Models follow these simple instructions:

  1. Moisturize...and moisturize often: Two times daily especially in the winter and dryer months. A week before your spray tan up your moisturizer.

  2. Mani/pedi: Get your manicure & pedicure done before your spray tan as rough and dry skin can be callused and needs to be taken care of beforehand so that the spray doesn't latch on to the callused or dry skin and cause excessive uneven color.

  3. Exfoliate: I recommend exfoliating with a sugar scrub the evening before or morning of a spray tan. I make my own sugar scrub with honey, lime, and Sugar In The Raw in bulk.

  4. Shave/wax: Certainly wax or shave your legs before exfoliating and getting a spray tan.

Remember to exercise or run errands earlier in the day and make your appointment in the evening so that you don't break a sweat. I try to spray tan in the evenings when I can go home after and relax.

I recommend getting a spray tan two days before your event, photoshoot, or show but I have also gotten spray tans a night before an event to a few days before a shoot. Do not rinse or shower for 12 hours if possible after a spray tan as it will last longer.

I love the Norvell spray tan machine and one of my favorite places in the tri-state area is The Sun Spa in Montclair, NJ. But when I'm traveling and on the go I use Bondi Sands. I also use Kate Sommerville tanning towelettes. I was first introduced to them when in Maui, Hawaii at the Four Seasons' spa back in 2010 and instantly grew addicted. When I was flying more I used to bring them on the plane with me and use them on my face.

Have fun being bronzed and get your glow-on year-round, especially for photoshoots.

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