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roleModel of the Week: Kasius Loren Williams


Kasius Loren Williams: Mother, Model, Entrepreneur, and so much more...

Obviously, you are more than a Model. If asked your job title, what would you say and how would you describe yourself?

When I am asked what I do or my job title I tend to respond with: I do everything but sleep. From there I add that I am an entrepreneur.

Instagram: @Kasiusloren Hometown:

(Nomad) I am an “army brat”, born and raised in Germany. I don’t think I have lived anywhere for more than 4 years until I moved to NYC in 2003 after graduating college.


I am self-Employed and still working. Although I have been with Ford, Wilhelmina, and too many others to list. I have had a great relationship with the boutique agencies and the name brand agencies.

You are such a beautiful & inspiring woman; tell us about your journey to becoming a Model?

Thank you, I was sort of weaned into the modeling industry through my mothers attempts to keep her daughter, “me” sane. I moved from Germany and experienced a huge culture shock. I quickly became depressed with the lack of diversity and lack of electric vibes. With my background, ethnic mix up, and lifestyle it quickly became unbearable to carry on with those who were all of the same. My mom heard one of those cheesy commercials advertising: “becoming a actor/ model and live the dream”. I was not interested as I was and still very much a tom-boy. Knowing this my mother juiced me up by telling me that I’d be able to travel, meet different people, and get out of school! I WAS SOLD! We went to the nearest Ramada Inn (about 2 hours away) and eventually that led to another event until I was exposed to the top 18 agencies in the country.

I hated high-school, so I graduated in 3 years (we tried for two but the state would not allow it), and I started college a week or so after getting my diploma in the mail. After graduating college I moved to NYC to get my masters in Architecture and Interior design at Parsons. I never attended that wonderful place. Once I started modeling I said there was no way I’d work for someone every again unless I was very interested or my back was against the wall. And I sure wasn’t going to accumulate more debt for a piece of paper!

Have you always led a healthy and active lifestyle? If not, what made you change. Was there a defining moment?

I have always been the out-going outdoor/ active type. Sneakers and a skirt were apart of my personal uniform. I’ve played a variety of sports and always hung out with the boys, that hasn’t changed much. Diet wise- we were fairly poor here and there throughout my childhood. With that said the fancy, sugar foods were not in our budget so I grew up with the plain cereals and such. I wasn’t a big meat eater except when it came to BBQ! Today this day I still get a slight craving. About 10 years ago, perhaps longer, I stopped eating meat. At times I include fish in my diet. The defining moment for cutting out meats (land animals) was when from 2006 or so for a consecutive 4 years, every year there was an outbreak or horrific “bird-flu, chicken foot, animal food poisoning epidemic!” I was disgusted and knew that the food being offered was either deadly, poor quality, treated poorly, or all of the above and I didn’t want any part of it. Some cancers also like to pop up in my family and so I steered away from anything that would increase my chances of this sort of outcome.

How do you balance being a Model and being a Super-Mom?

I do whatever it takes. There is no option to not do well so my balance is to just do it, and give it my best- whatever that may or may not be in, each moment.

You had a home birth… tell us about that experience?

Oh My GOOOOSSSSHHHH! I am team homebirth and I hope that one day if the birth mother’s environment supports it, that all mothers would consider it. Having a homebirth was the best experience and the only great thing about my pregnancy. Hospitals are for “sick” people. That’s where they go. There is a “labor and delivery ward” or floor in those Germ Mansions among 8 plus floors of “infectious diseases, oncology, and more. I will never subject myself, or anyone I love to that environment. I was also never one for rules! I hate them! I don’t like the visitation rules, I don’t like the pressures of vaccinations, I don’t want anyone taking my newborn anywhere when I carried them for 10 months and couldn’t wait to see them. (So ridiculous. Like Congrats, take a quick look of your baby, we will take them from you and be back later, whenever- NO THANKS). I also don’t want my doctor’s intern, assistant and their colleague in my room checking on me, inspecting me around the clock. I am picky with who or what goes in my vagina and I won’t have a bunch of strangers poking at her because it’s “protocol”. Giving birth is intimate and one of the most significant moments in life. The only discharge I mind is the one that my body creates out of health. At home, is just that- #home I don’t need to say anything else.

What is your work out routine, do you go to the gym?

My routine only exists between the time my son wakes up to go to school and picked up from school to bed. Aside from that, I am working and doing what ever it takes to survive and get back on my feet. I try making all that I do into some sort of exercise and eat as healthy as possible. Being a single mother is my exercise and I have no days off.

What motivates you?

Life motivates me, and knowing that anything is possible. I have most recently been trying to tap into my vortex! I would like some of my GOODIES PRONTO. (haha)

Who are your role models/ women who inspire you?

My mother is my role model. If I ever feel as though “I can’t”, I am reassured that I can because she did it and many others AND with more children. I have one child, therefore I can and I will. Other women who inspire me are those like yourself, who take a position in life to make a difference in the world. No matter how little or big the splash is, the conscious decision to spread love, light, and empowerment is all that we can ask for. Thank you Lauren

We noticed you use essential oils? How have you incorporated them into your life?

I love essential oils as I love EARTH! Thankfully we have a wonderful place to live. Earth has provided us with so much including elements to help us healing. I use essential oils to help my body stay in balance, and repair the damage done. My son has grown up with them and knows that oils are better than medicine. Because of their power, potency, and origin, they work with the body and not against it. They address issues and not mask or cause other issues.

What are your favorite foods to eat?

I love PAPAYA at this moment. For a short time I thought that perhaps I might have an addiction to the fruit! Being in Florida has somehow allowed me to eat more fresh foods. I am also addicted to these poke bowls with seaweed, toasted coconut and carrots! In general I love Asian and West Indian food, make the West & East Indian food.

As a Model, Mom, and a Mentor, what advice do you have for young models just starting out in the fashion industry or on a new endeavor? I would advice for new models young or older is to make sure you have a strong sense of self. Remember that they agency works for you and not the other way around. You are your own boss; so don’t do anything that makes you uncomfortable. Ask as many questions as it takes for you to fully understand and don’t for one moment be down about rejection. Rejection is apart of this industry and it happens as often as you s#iT so get used to it and keep going if it is what you want. You will never be everyones everything.

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