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roleModel of the Week: Leslie Osborne


Leslie Osborne: Mother, Wife, Former member of the US Women's National Soccer Team, Co-Founder of Sweat Cosmetics, Ambassador for Puma & Lululemon and so much more...

You are such a beautiful & inspiring woman; tell us about your journey to becoming the Co-Founder of Sweat Cosmetics?

Thank you so much:) Wow, the journey started in 2008 when a few of my cofounders came up with this incredible idea. I didn't hear about this idea until 2010 when we started playing professional soccer together and realizing there was a huge gap in the beauty and fitness markets. I have four other amazing co founders who decided to take this idea in 2012 and form the company which took about 3 years. After a lot of data research and surveys, we realized there were no beauty and SPF products on the market designed for active women. Sweat Cosmetics officially launched in June of 2015 and we are celebrating our 2 year mark:) What is special about our company is our brand story and that we are our own target market. We know exactly what women are looking for and need.

We are currently sold on and which is really exciting for our brand. Our goal is to empower women, embrace their beauty and encourage women to find their daily sweat. Sweat Cosmetics has the products designed for the active women, all of our ingredients are good for your skin and have SPF in them.

Instagram: Leslieosborne12

Hometown: Menomonee Falls, WI ( I am a midwest girl and cheesehead).