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The Trend in Comp Cards

A majority of models that I am mentoring or consulting are new models or fresh faces. I get asked a lot, what is a comp card? A comp card or composite card is a models business card. It's often more important than having a full portfolio because many times casting directors or booking editors don't have time to look through a models entire portfolio so they often just ask a model to leave a comp card. 

Long gone are the days where the standard comp card was a headshot on the front of the card with a models name and 4 images on the back. Today you now see a mix of images that are often full body shots or a picture in black and white. Currently, some agencies only show 1 image on the front or back of the card. 

For NYFW and show packages many fashion agencies feature comp cards that include a headshot on the front and a body shot on the back. 

The models stats are still one of the most important features on a comp card. A models Height, bust, waist, hip, dress, shoe size, hair color, and eye color should all be listed on the card as well as the agencies logo and contact information. 

I don't advise new models who are seeking representation to make comp cards as once they are signed with their respective agencies they won't need the generic comp cards they made. So it could be a waste of money. 

Most industry standard comp card sizes are 5.5 x 8.5. But that's changing as well. I saw many different comp cards sizes while on recent castings.