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Watermelon Spinach Summer Smoothie & Baby melon Smoothie

Watermelon Spinach Coconut Summer Smoothie & Baby Melon Smoothie

Stay healthy, detox, keep yourself and baby hydrated with this super smoothie!


1 banana

3 medium slices of watermelon

Handful of Spinach

Half of pear peeled

1/3 cup of coconut water or filtered water

I use the nutri bullet or baby bullet for all of our smoothies. The baby bullet was one of my best baby shower gifts! Thank you Cindy!! Xo

Baby Smoothie Ingredients:

Half of banana

2 slices of watermelon

1/3 peeled pear

5-7 Spinach leaves

1/3 cup of filtered water


Introduce new fruit and veggies to your baby individually as some babies could have an allergy which can cause stomach upset or skin problems. So check with your pediatrician. I do 3-4 days of a fruit and veggie alone before mixing into our morning smoothies!

Cut cravings and feel full and awesome all morning after this yummy smoothie!

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